Sunday, February 21, 2010

There's Hope Yet!

Upstate NY is a pretty conservative place. I lived for 20 years in Orange County, CA, largely considered one of the most conservative places in the country, and I can tell you that OC is liberal compared to here.

I categorize our local newspaper, The Record, as a conservative rag based on their selection of right-wing teabaggerish op-ed columnists. In fact, I canceled my subscription about a year ago after one of these nitwits went too far.

Sundays, however, I go to the local convenience store and buy the paper for the coupon inserts and crossword puzzle.

In today's edition, the "Street Talk" item where locals respond to a question, were posed the following:

"Should openly gay Americans have the right to serve in the military?"
The three men and two women responded as follows:
"Yes, sure they do because this country was founded on equal rights for everyone."

"Yes, sure...why shouldn't they?"

"Yes, because the current policy creates conditions that are bad for military effectiveness...dishonesty, blackmail, and the expulsion of a huge number of talented people."

"Sure...why not?"

"Yes, because there is no difference in service between a gay person and a straight person."
I consider myself lucky. I'm am out to everyone that knows, friends, and neighbors. However, this area is really closeted. This random survey tells me there's hope yet!