Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TV Monday On Tuesday: The Bachelor

Did ya see it? Did ya see it?

OMG, the smackdown of the century! And it all took place on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All last night.

Some background. I haven't written any posts about The Bachelor this season because it's been quite a disappointment. Jake, the bachelor, is incredibly handsome, nice, great job, perfect on paper. I've had him here on Hunk-A-Lot Hump Day. Unfortunately, when the show was all about him, he comes off as kinda douchy and somewhat of a bore.

He's pretty churchy. When asked in an interview about the overnight dates, he replied that it wasn't all about "making babies." That signals an interesting view of sex; one where the ultimate goal is procreation.

I've always had a crush on host Chris Harrison, too. Ever since he was on HGTV's Designer's Challenge.

Anyway, last night the woman came back for the second to last installment where all the rejects get to answer questions from the host and the audience. They also get to ask questions of the other contestants and of the bachelor himself.

This year, quite early on, contestant Rozlyn was kicked off the show for an off-camera inappropriate relationship with an associate producer.

From Yahoo! News:

I generally cringe when I watch "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" episode, since it is often uncomfortable and just a little bit embarrassing for a few women. But tonight was scandalous!

No need to get into the standard trash talking — the real guts of this show were all focused on Rozlyn Papa. Chris Harrison asked the other girls to share what they witnessed. (Meanwhile, Rozlyn was backstage). The most damaging testimony was from Jessie, who claimed to have seen Rozlyn and the producer "making out" on the back stairs while everyone else was out by the pool. She notified producers, and Rozlyn left the following day.

When Chris ultimately brought Rozlyn to the stage, he was gracious and basically set her up to admit the truth. But Rozlyn provided some lame excuses that were easily refuted.

So, even using "on my child's life" as a means to deny Jessie's allegation, she seemed to realize she was looking foolish. So what did she do? She lashed out at Chris — kind and somewhat-by-the-book Chris Harrison, who is married to his high-school sweetheart.
And then it happened.
This was the moment of the show, and sadly, it came at his expense. Chris mentioned it was difficult to fire the producer (who had been with the show for several seasons) because they were friends. And Rozlyn fired back, "That's news to him; he didn't get a friendly vibe when you were hitting on his wife last year in New Zealand!"

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