Thursday, May 20, 2010

Operation Rescue: Bunny Edition

Well, it's that time of year. Yes, my cats are at it again. I'm getting some form of baby bunny presented to me on my front steps. This ritual of sacrifice has been going on for over a decade. It's not like the cats are hungry because I feed them constantly; it's just in their nature.

Last year provided unusual excitement because the cats found the rabbits' nest rather late in the season and weren't able to kill them because they were too big. So I was busy scaring them out of the cat's mouth, scooping them up, and placing them out in the field.

That was well and good until they were brought into the house. I leave a window open during the warmer months so the cats can come and go as they please and I can get some sleep without them persistently crying at the door. Twice I was woken up to the cats chasing a rabbit around the house that had been brought in through the window. Trying to catch a disoriented rabbit in the middle of the night while keeping two cats at bay isn't much fun so the window was closed.

About a week ago, a fairly large specimen missing its head and front leg was on the sidewalk. Yesterday, I spotted the hind leg (only) of a considerably smaller bunny. I suspect the remainder was a midnight snack.

Then on my way back from getting the mail, I spotted a tiny baby bunny on the sidewalk. It wasn't harmed and it was shivering in the misting rain. I scooped it up and placed it on a towel in a box.

It was only about 4" long and still had its eyes closed it was so young. Its little ears were so cute and laid flat against the nape of its neck. I was going to take a pic for this post but I would have needed the flash and I didn't want to upset the critter.

I didn't have much success looking through the phone book for help. I called my vet who referred me to an animal rescue. I called them and they arranged for a caretaker. In the meantime, I was told not to give it any food or water and provide it with something to keep it warm. I filled a bottle with hot water and placed it under the towel. The little bunny snuggled up against it.

I dropped it off last night with someone who will know how to take care of it.

I wonder about the intelligence of rabbits. After a decade of having their family ripped from their nest and killed, you'd think they'd realize they haven't picked such a safe neighborhood and move!


Mom said...

Poor little bunnies.

Jenn said...

Any update on the lil bunny? Let's hope all is well with the lil' fellow...regardless you did a good thing by taking it to the wildlife rehab folks. Jenn

BigAssBelle said...

Poor little rabbits. So sad. Probably one neighborhood's as bad as another for bunnies. I had a cat who used to bring presents every morning. They ranged from mice to possums. Ugh. Always arranged on the doormat on the front porch so I'd be sure not to miss it.