Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pink Flamingos

This is my favorite part of the yard. It's looking good, even though we aren't even out of May.

When I started rehabilitating this part of the yard, it was below grade with the roots from the pine trees about 4" above. On the right, you can see the little angel statue we have there. It is to remember our father who died in that very spot back in 1992.

I had two small dump trucks of top soil brought in which I wheeled about 100' from the driveway out front. I've split a lot of the hostas from other parts of the yard, as well as bleeding hearts and sedum, and have experimented with a lot of other plants. This is 100% shade and I've had difficulty with anything growing from a bulb as well as the grass in front. I'm trying a new grass mix I found this year and it's going pretty good but the true test is whether it will survive the coming winter.

Two years ago, I added the wagon with potted plants; last year I added four lengths of pre-constructed picket fence; and this year I found the pink flamingos in the garage. The area was really green with a lack of color, even with the large begonias in the wagon and pansies up front. The bird's pink presence really sets things off and can be seen from the house.

Pink flamingos can go either way. Planted in the ground next to a semi-dismantled car on blocks in the front yard is a no-no. But here I think they work!


Lacey said...

Love the flamingos.

Jenn said...

Gav, I love the flamingos and the overall garden...looks beautiful! Jenn

BigAssBelle said...

Wow, that is GORGEOUS!! So lush and green. Some of my favorite plants, and then the flamingos. Perfect.