Monday, August 03, 2009

Candle Safety Update

After Saturday's post on candle safety, Big Island Jeep Guy asked a question about what was still burning if the wax was gone.

That was a good question and I wanted to do a follow up post with some pics.

It would appear that there was, indeed, some wax left. Because it was melted, it appeared clear vs the red it was when solid, and there was so little I couldn't see it because of the height of the flame. You can see there is still a little left in these pics.

But, I'm not sure that the wax was burning because it looks like it was settled around the edge of the jar. I think it was the wick that was burning and the metal piece that attached it to the bottom of the jar was so hot it kept it going. I think the black globs you see in the pic are what remains of the wick and there was quite a bit of it. That would help explain why the flame got so high!

I also included a side shot so you could see where the glass blew out.


Sean said...

You should bring this into Yankee Candle - I think you may get a refund or credit but more importantly, this should not have happened. I used to be a District Manager for Illuminations - now gone - and you may find that there is a recall or you could be ahead of the curve and help them discover a defect. Bringing this to their attention could save more lives than your original post.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i agree; it seems disturbing that something like this could happen. and obviously, potentially cause a LOT of harm.

i know they say "never leave a candle unattended", but why does the glass blow out and the flame continue to burn? i think a question like that needs to be answered by the mfr.

i am just glad nothing happened to you.