Monday, November 09, 2009

Candlelight Rally For Marriage Equality

Tonight I went to the Lighting the Way for Equality candlelight vigil in support of Marriage Equality held at the capitol in Albany, NY. In my estimation, there were around 400 people in attendance. A great turnout on a November-balmy (60˚) night.

It was covered by the local television affiliates WRGB-6 (CBS), WTEN-10 (ABC), and WNYT-13 (NBC). They're using the story as a teaser for the 11 o'clock news.

After rallying on the east steps, the group made a circuit around the capitol building, then returned to the steps. There was a clever twist to a familiar chant:

Caller: What do we want?

Crowd: Marriage Equality!

Caller: When do we want it?

Crowd: Tomorrow!
The crowd was reminded to contact their state Senators to encourage their support. We need to get the Senate to bring it to a vote and to pass it like they've already done in the Assembly. Proponent Governor Paterson has been pushing it through and said he'll sign it!

The couple here in the front/center are straight and holding a sign supporting their lesbian daughter. Supportive PFLAG parents rock!

UPDATE 11/10/09 7:45 PM
The Associated Press is reporting that: New York's governor is pushing state lawmakers to consider a bill to legalize same-sex marriage bill next week after his effort to force a Senate vote appears all but lost. Gov. David Paterson is placing the bill on agendas for special sessions on Nov. 16 and 17. Senate Democrats said the bill wasn't likely to be considered during Tuesday's special session.

Paterson is urging a vote even if the bill he strongly supports fails. The Democrat says putting senators on the spot for their position is better than inaction while forces try to muster the votes behind the scenes. New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, which opposes the bill, says the failure of a vote Tuesday is a crushing blow to the advocates.

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