Friday, August 01, 2008

Douche Bags Of The Week: United Airlines Pilots

Is this why the ORD to ALB leg of my trip to Utah was canceled at the last minute, causing me a 5 hour delay? Or why an entire plane full of people was kept waiting for the flight from ORD to SLC because the crew was late?

United Airlines asked a federal judge to stop four pilots and their union from abusing sick time and refusing to fly extra hours, saying illegal job actions have caused hundreds of cancellations.

The injunction request accuses the Air Line Pilots Association of encouraging a sick-out, which is not allowed under the Railway Labor Act, the labor law governing airlines. It also said pilots were refusing to pick up extra flying.

United said the first officers on its 737s and A320s called in sick the most and that it canceled 329 flights between 7/19 and 7/27, costing it about $8M in lost revenue and $3.9M in operating profit.

United pilots have been pressing to reopen their contract, which is not scheduled to be negotiable until the end of next year. Pilots took pay cuts when United reorganized under bankruptcy protection and have been hoping to win back some of what they lost.

Like other airlines, United is shrinking its fleet, and it has said it will furlough 950 pilots.
This comes on the heels of a United pilot being harassed by union members before boarding a flight. The altercation was so nasty that the pilot was too upset to fly and the flight was canceled. Great public relations, you assholes. If I were union member, I'd be irate that these jokers give all unions a bad name.

Your company is losing money hand over fist in an industry that is losing billions of dollars a quarter. And you people want to open up negotiations early to get more money? Are you fucking stupid? I'm not sure I want to fly on a plane with a cockpit full of dumbasses.

• You people wonder why no one cares if the airlines go under?

• You people wonder why unions are hated?

• You people wonder why customers have no brand loyalty?

• You people wonder why we don't care anymore if you lose your jobs?

• You people ever watch the news?

• You people learn any lessons from what happened to Detroit?

• You people wonder why this country of entitlement is circling the drain?

It's because assholes like you don't give a shit about your customers, that's why. You should be kissing the customers' asses.

Union management said United's lawsuit: "...this is not a constructive approach to labor relations." [Emphasis mine.] Labor relations? What about customer relations?

I don't give a rat's ass that I'm a United Mileage Plus member since 1984. I just booked my October trip on Delta despite having United as a price-comparable option.

Fuck me? No, fuck YOU!

The more of you that get fired, the better. Maybe when you're working the night shift at McDonald's you'll have a different attitude. Probably not, though, you're the type of people who blame everyone but yourselves.

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michael sean morris said...

The customer side of things is almost entirely absent from most people's work ethic these days. I've never been a firm believer in "the customer is always right" since having worked in retail, but I don't ever forget that the customer is the reason I'm there.